A friendly FYI:
This portfolio site hasn't been updated since about 2012.
Enjoy the oldies!

Web Designer

Designing for the web is one of my true many passions and I do it non-stop. My experience ranges from optimized landing pages to full-fledged international company websites, e-commerce sites, musician sites, and just about everything in between.

User engagement and ease of navigation is always the key while keeping in mind that content is the utmost importance, and design should compliment and enhance it 100% of the time.

Web Developer

I eat, sleep, and dream code. I fill my brain with XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, JQuery, and Wordpress day in and day out by building some awesomely functioning and usable websites.

Whether it be client sites or my own personal projects, I've had the opportunity to take entire online brands from start to finish, from the design stage straight into the development and launch stage. No handoffs required over here. I couldn't love it more.

Print Designer

When I'm not designing for the web, I'm probably masterminding some crazy graphics for print. From flyers, posters, and business cards, to conceptual billboard ad designs, entire multi-medium ad campaigns, and professional experience in apparel and merchandise design, I love it all.

The passion I have for my hobbies bleeds over indefinitely to my professional work as I love designing art for skis and snowboards too.

Social Media, Attack!

Oh the joys of social media today. And the many pitfalls there are when people can't do it right.

From basic branding designs on Twitter and Facebook, to experience with custom "Like" and "Tweet" promotional giveways, custom Facebook page development, and social media integration into email newsletters and ecommerce - my experience taking a brand social is pretty extensive.

Email Marketing Campaigns

I fully understand the importance of continual business, traction, and interaction with your customers and users. I know the ins and outs and best practices of designing email newsletters as well as the best way to go about starting an email campaign with your users. Maximum impact with minimal cost is always the key.

By the way, I'm a very avid supporter and user of MailChimp. It's great.

Search Engine Optimization

I know how to analyze and research your industry, your keywords, and your competition as well as the necessary items needed to start a stable SEO campaign to give you realistic results on the search engines.

I can also effectively break down the traffic on your site by understanding and harnessing the power of Google Analytics, showing you improvements as well as successful conversions.

High Fives And Good Chats

Communication is highly important when managing, developing, or starting projects with clients or teams. I love collaborating, brainstorming, presenting, and getting involved with as many aspects and phases of the project as possible.

I'm not exactly one of those introverts you forget about because they say just a few words a day. I prefer high-fives and collaboration any day of the week.